Flower Power

Retro Inspired Phone Socket



  • Details
    Adorable retro inspired phone socket.
    Please note the style of the phone socket shown in the photo.

    “Opening” should placed so that you can stick your finger(s) through horizontally. See video.

    Come in 6 adorable flower colors.

    Perfect as a phone prop stand to watch your favorite videos or to alleviate those pinkies from holding up your phone 😉

    Flowers are rubber and easy to clean, smiley face should be handled with a little more care 🥰
  • Reviews

    Wasn’t thrilled with the pop socket. The material gets dirty very easily. It broke within a month.

    The quality was amazing and I loved it while I had it but when I went to remove it the glue ruined my phone case and I was unable to get all the stickiness completely off.

    Edit: It was amazing until it snapped on one of the sides and I had to pry it off of my case. Im so sad it broke, but a little “Goo Gone” and there was no more residue. if you buy this, please be careful, though it might’ve broken because I fidgeted with it a lot. I love this so much! It is a little bigger than I expected and shipping time was longer than its was supposed to be, but that might just be holiday back up. The adhesive is very sticky, so once you apply it to something there is no going back. But everything else I love!